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I have 2 Buddleja Dwarf Buzz Indigo 1 yr old plants. Both are in pots and 1 will go out in the front garden & the other will be on the patio by the back door. I thought as they were dwarf they would be tiny. Not so! They could be 4 ft high. What size pot should I plant in. I like cms/inches dimensions the gallon is lost on me.

On plant Buddleja



3 litres or bigger for a plant that size.

14 Jun, 2016


4 ft is the eventual height
1ft now or there abouts.
3L pots not 2 big.
7 inches wide

14 Jun, 2016


Minimum 18 inches deep and 12 inches wide for the pot size. You may need to pot on into one that's a couple of feet deep by 18 inches wide after a year or two.

14 Jun, 2016


Agree with Bamboo, except that I would have said 14-18 inches wide and deep, since I prefer wider pots, in case of wind.

15 Jun, 2016


Buzz are not so tiny and do best in the ground, in a border. 5-6ft (1.8m) seems more like their eventual height.

I have some in 15L pots, the bare minimum, and will have to repot this year into 20L.

15 Jun, 2016


Can u get the 20L thro the door Buddle?

15 Jun, 2016

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