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Whay is the mature size of a Physocarpus Lady in red?


By Raglanv

East Lothian, Scotland Sco

What is the mature size of a Physocarpus Lady in red? I've got one and was always lead to believe that they'd max out at 1.5-1.8metres however have read elsewhere that they get bigger. I want to be sure from someone who has maybe growing a mature one in their own garden who can confirm please?

I have a spot picked out already for mine bit don't want to finalise until I'm sure as I don't like to restrictive prune and want it to grow to full size with only necessary pruning involved

Many thanks



Height and spread are 1 - 1.5 metres. Not very big but I trim my back after flowering to keep it in check.

12 Jul, 2016


Left unpruned, it can get 3 x 3 metres when its been in situ for years, despite most sites saying 1.5 metres, but its not so large as Physocarpus 'Diablo', which seems to be more vigorous. I've planted Lady in Red, but its only been in 3 years, so not sure how big its going to get. It's not currently looking like something that grows rapidly and takes over, its very well behaved so far, not needed any pruning.

12 Jul, 2016


Thanks for the info from you both, I'd be happy for it to get near on the 3 metre mark if it chose to. I'm planning on having this at the back of the border so the placement of some proven smaller shrubs in front was another concern of mine as A: I didn't want this being hidden behind B: I didn't want to have to prune it too much if it was put in a spot too close to the fencing/other shrubs.


12 Jul, 2016


Make sure its a position where it'll get a minimum of half a day's sun during summer though, otherwise the leaves won't colour up properly, they'll be dull green.

12 Jul, 2016


Thanks, it's planned for a full sun spot that gets full morning sun and right up until later in the day before the shade sets in. Had mine for over a year and it's about 3ft or so already.

12 Jul, 2016

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