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Hi I have not been on Grows on you for a long time so now I would like a bit of help from all you knowledgeable gardeners I have attached 2 photos of some sort of fungi that's appeared in my garden we have only just moved in about 3months ago and took out some conifers had the roots chipped away and now these fungi things have started to grow we have 6 in a line and 2 more anyone know what they are and what do I have to do to eradicate them

Img_1284 Img_1285



They are harmless ones feeding on the decaying roots of the old conifers. They will disappear of their own free will before too long. Nothing to worry about with them.

29 Jul, 2016


Agree with Owdboggy, ignore 'em, you'll be more as the years go by. Pull 'em off if you don't like the look of them.

29 Jul, 2016


Hi Owdboggy & Bamboo Thank you for the reply to my questions very helpfull

29 Jul, 2016


I agree, nothing to worry about. They'll be gone as quickly as they came.

29 Jul, 2016

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