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By Lulu33

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

This is growing in a friends garden, what is it?




It looks very much like Horseradish. If it ever flowers with a slightly smaller white version of Oil Seed Rape flowers then you have it.

7 Aug, 2010


Thanks Fractal. I just lurve horseradish!

7 Aug, 2010


It will have long thick roots called thongs I believe. You need to dig up either the clump or part to get these roots out. I'm sure someone with more experience can add to this.

7 Aug, 2010


I was thinking a Rheum, but horseradish would fit, too.

7 Aug, 2010


I did think of a Rumex but decided on Horseradish as this seemed to match closely to images of it I have compared it too. Difficult perhaps without a scale but that is my educated guess.

8 Aug, 2010

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