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What can I do with a tree full of crab apples? When will they be ripe and ready to use?




Crab apple jelly is excellent and fairly easy - recipes online. Yours look almost ready - mine are still green. You don't have to peel them for jelly, and it really is lovely.

15 Aug, 2016


I'Ve never made it, but my friend made this...along the same lines as Quince cheese for eating with cheese and cold meats.

15 Aug, 2016


For the jelly you cut up the apples and stew them without sugar until they are really soft.Don't use more water than necessary. No need to peel or core them. Then tip them into a muslin bag (you might have to make this first-you can buy muslin by the yard sometimes, or you might be able to buy a jelly bag. I've heard of folk using a leg of tights when desperate...) Hang the bag up to drip overnight into a suitable bowl.
Then you proceed just like blackberry jelly - a pound of sugar to a pint of liquid and boil to setting point. Put into hot jars and seal.

15 Aug, 2016


Thanks to all of you for your help with this. My husband is now doubting that they ARE crab apples so I am to do some research.

If they are, I shall have a go to make some jelly.


15 Aug, 2016


If you want to convince him cut one in half and show him the pips. They will also smell (and taste)quite strongly of very sour apples...
Look on google images for pics of the flowers too (if he can remember what yours looked like...)

15 Aug, 2016


Stera, I picked one, cut it in half and sure enough it was an apple in miniature!
Thank you very much indeed, no further proof needed!!!

17 Aug, 2016


Great stuff!

17 Aug, 2016

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