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Garden clogs. Having ruined my crocs (not such a bad thing as I never liked them and they were not suited to gardening anyway) by deciding it was a good idea to prune a very old pyracantha (that was left untouched for 10 years) I have now been left with thorns stuck in the soles coming through to the inside sole and impossible to get out. So I need a new pair of good quality garden clogs as I'm always pottering in the garden. I do wear wellies and walking boots in the winter. Are Briers any good or can anyone recommend any? Many thanks. (funny I should be asking you lot about clogs as I'm from clog country myself - Holland, ha, ha!! :)



I have a pair from Town & Country that I have used for 2 yrs now. They have been good so far.

24 Aug, 2016


I can't advise on this, I've never possessed a pair, can't stand not being able to walk efficiently - I've always kept my older hi top trainers and always wear those when gardening, regardless of how hot it may or may not be. Keeps feet well protected that way, and I can do any task out there without having to change footwear. One of my clients has the same ones as Seaburngirl, which she's had for a couple of years now, so presumably they're okay.. but they're not really for working outdoors, more snipping the odd flower or two, rather than cutting grass or digging.

24 Aug, 2016


Dunlop Welly Shoes - like shoes, but made like wellies - brilliant!

24 Aug, 2016


Thanks for your suggestions, will purchase a pair - probably in a bright colour as I'm always loosing them!

25 Aug, 2016


Don't leave them outdoors if you've got visiting foxes though - they do love to take things away to play with, which is why my client ended up buying new ones 2 years ago - one of her previous pair disappeared altogether overnight, the other was left lying in the middle of the lawn with toothmarks...

25 Aug, 2016

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