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By Phloxie

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Victoria plum, Braeburn apple, Stella cherry, and Conference pear, all dwarf stock patio fruit trees and all planted in containers. What would be considered the best fertiliser to use and would I be right assuming the best time to use it late winter. All advice would be appreciated.



Tomato fertilizer seems to work very well. Late winter is the best time to start. then once a month during fruiting period. They are ravenously hungry & thirsty plants.

5 Oct, 2016


Agree tomato fertilizer or sulphate of potash in early spring to encourage flowers and fruit but also in containers you will need some balanced fertilizer a little later on - they will soon have used up what was in the compost originally.

6 Oct, 2016


Thanks Paul and Sg for your replies. Tomato fertiliser it is then. I will also use a balanced fertiliser later in the season as you recommended Sg.

6 Oct, 2016


You can buy sulphate of potash as a dry powder and this works out cheaper than tomato fertilizer - if you are going to give a general feed later in the year its an option to consider. I do this on my gooseberries and usually get a bumper crop.

7 Oct, 2016


Many thanks for that further info Sg I will bear that in mind.

7 Oct, 2016

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