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What is the difference between a liquid seaweed and a liquid tomato feed? Is one more specific for vegetables and/or plants? I am looking for an all round feed for my established plants in my borders and in pots. What feed is best for seedlings as well. Many thanks.



Hi Amsterdam! Not all tomato feeds are made of seaweed extract which is, of course, an organic substance. I use liquid seaweed extract (Maxicrop) on all of my plants as it is an excellent food for roots and stimulates growth and production of fruit and flowers. It can also help a lawn. That's the limit of my knowledge, but hope it helps! :)

14 May, 2017


That's great, thanks Cottagekaren. Will have a look out for it next time I'm out and about.

14 May, 2017


You're welcome Amsterdam. :)

14 May, 2017


Tomato feed has a lower proportion of nitrogen and is best for fruit and flowers. The ones with more nitrogen are all rounders and are better for things like brassicas or anything where you want lots of green.

14 May, 2017


Check the label on the bottle - there are various seaweed liquid fertilizers for various purposes, and those that are for feeding plants have an NPK readout somewhere on the label. Original Seaweed Extract, for instance, doesn't have an NPK and is sold as a growth stimulant, so it rather depends on precisely what you've got there.

General purpose balanced fertilizers for use on beds and borders usually have an NPK around 7-7-7 and its easier to use a granular formulation such as Growmore, which takes six weeks to break down.

If you're growing summer flowering bedding in pots, then something like Miracle Gro general purpose, mixed in water, is fine, or half strength tomato food. If the plants in your pots are permanent subjects like shrubs, then Miracle Grow general purpose is okay, but stop using it by end of June.

Seedlings don't need feeding - they're usually growing in seed and cutting compost, and once you transfer them to ordinary potting compost, there's sufficient feed in that for up to six weeks.

14 May, 2017

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