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By Suze56

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I bought an Hydrangea petiolaris last year and while it is growing slowly looks very healthy and flowering now there are no aerial roots. Is this normal as i'm concerned that when it starts to grow bigger I have no support for it. its on a north facing wall



It does take a fair while for them to get growing and make roots to cling to a wall. However they do eventually.
Actually we have a free standing one as the supporting wall was removed a few years back. Seems happy enough.

25 May, 2017


Welcome to GoY Suze. They do grow slowly, and are very good at supporting themselves, so yours should be fine.

25 May, 2017


When this happened with my father in law's young one we stuck the branches to the fence with strips of sticky tape until it started to cling by itself. (Looked a bit odd because the tape was red...)

25 May, 2017

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