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By Caron

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me what these are on my Pittosporum please? I don't want to use any insect sprays as I have see a couple of Ladybirds as well on the shrub.

Img_2078 Img_2083



They are also ladybirds, the top looks like a youngster and the bottom one an adult. Don't spray the plant, the young nymphs eat greenfly.

26 Jun, 2017


Ladybirds - Looks like they are just molting - shedding their baby clothes. They are beneficial bugs in the garden. Please let them live.

26 Jun, 2017


Thanks...I wouldn't touch them till I knew if they harmful or beneficial. I always thought Ladybirds were just red, I have found casings over the plant so guessed it was them shedding their skin. Thanks for the replies and so glad I don't have to remove them!

26 Jun, 2017

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