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My fox gloves have finished flowering and I would like to collect their seeds for friends. However they are flopping all over and taking up a lot of room. My question is can I pull them up and let them dry out elsewhere until they go to seed or do I have to leave them in situ until they the seeds have formed? (Apologies if seems a silly question!)



No questions are silly! The only silly thing is not to ask a question and do something inappropiate.
As for the foxgloves, the seeds need to be fully mature and really need to be left until they are brown and ready to harvest. Unfortunately they do take up a lot of room, perhaps you could stake them and remove the bottom leaves where they are taking so much room. Hopefully someone else will say whether they have removed the stalks and dried them off with success.

1 Jul, 2017


Thank you Honeysuckle, will keep them in situ for the mo.

1 Jul, 2017


They make a lot of seed so why not remove most of them and just leave one? If you have several colours the seed from them will probably not some true anyway, so save the one you like best and keep your fingers crossed. If you don't deadhead them you'll get oodles of seedling without sowing any...

1 Jul, 2017


Sorry I didn't read the part of the question that said the seeds were for friends - another senior moment...

3 Jul, 2017

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