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More colour in July and August in my garden. I'm looking round my garden and realise after the initial excitement of spring arriving with a burst of colour I'm lacking in colour for July and August. I'm after pink and purple flowering perennials which are at their best in July and August. Any stalwarts and suggestions?? They would go into my borders and would either be in full sun and/or partial shade. A few plants with height as well as one for front border would be appreciated. Thank you.



I would go for cheep and cheerful annuals cosmos being a easy one and not forgetting dahlias come in all colours shapes and sizes to suit

My two suggestions

2 Jul, 2017


Gomphrena 'Fireworks', Echinaceas, Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum), Salvia farinacea, Wishbone Flower (Torenia fournieri), Wood's Aster, Pink Coreopsis hybrids, Pink Paris Daisy (Argyranthemum frutescens), Texas Tulip (Eustoma grandiflorum), etc., etc.... :)

2 Jul, 2017


Coreopsis, Geranium Rozanne flowers from June to November,Heucheras and Japanese Anemone Wild Swan flowers from June to first frost,hope this helps.

2 Jul, 2017


there are some nice Verbena;s V.rigida, V. hastate are 2 nice ones. Several nice salvias too. I have Centura pluchrama just coming into flower now.

have you considered gladioli too. Campanula persicifolia tends to repeat flower for me too.
I also have Symphandra xIran and this is a July/august flowering plant that does well in semi shade.

2 Jul, 2017


Penstemons here are still flowering then and there are some nice pink and blue ones.

3 Jul, 2017


Wow that has certainly given me a shopping list! I popped into Charlies yesterday to get some bits and came out with 4 plants; 2 scabiosas, a delphinium, and a dahlia! Not quite part of the plan but I have been very good recently and have planted them tonight. they certainly have brought colour to the garden!

4 Jul, 2017


Lovely plants you have brought Amsterdam.

5 Jul, 2017

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