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Seed collection. I have collected ripe seeds from Petunia bedding plants (blue vein variety). Is it worth keeping them and sowing them next year?



Well they don't take much room up and there's no harm trying - nothing to lose really.

17 Jul, 2017


The seedlings will likely vary quite a bit from the mother, though.

18 Jul, 2017


Worth a try, and Blue Vein has such a lovely perfume too, so nothing to lose Amsterdam.

18 Jul, 2017


If you can manage to hold onto the seeds until next year, sure you can plant them. However, what actually grows from the seeds is another story as Tug mentioned above.

18 Jul, 2017


Do the seeds need any treatment apart from being kept in a paper bag? Stratification etc....

18 Jul, 2017


I don't think these need cold stratification. However you want to keep the seeds in a cool, dark, dry place. Be sure the seeds aren't exposed to light which can cause pre-mature germination. Store in an opaque envelop or in a shoebox, someplace dark.

18 Jul, 2017


Thanks Bathgate. :)

18 Jul, 2017

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