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By Vijaya

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I brought 3 slow growing Apple and pears trees 5 years ago these trees are no flowering or fruits. what is wrong with trees or me?



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If possible for me/we to answer your question are they in pots or in the border soil , how much sun do they get a day.

If in pots what compost are they growing in and do you feed them.

8 Aug, 2017


Well, there are many factors to consider....
Being slow growers they take longer to mature usually 4 to five years so perhaps they reach maturity next year.
Their placement comes into consideration, are they getting enough sunlight.
What type of soil did you place them in, heavy clay will prevent proper hydration and will lock up nutrients.
Are they getting adequate water and nutrients
And finally ....are they in pots? If they are in pots there will be additional problems to consider which will prevent them from reaching maturity.

8 Aug, 2017


Thank you very much. These fruit trees are in the boxer,getting enough water may be not matured yet.

Thank you kindly.

9 Aug, 2017

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