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Lawn reseeding question. As I finally get around to reseeding some bare patches of lawn today ( in the sun no less!) I have raked so much moss out that I am left with dead grass stems. My question is shall I dig up top layer of soil and replace wth fresh before sprinkeling on grass seeds? Or can I just sprinkle on raked off areas? Many thanks.

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I would be inclined to lightly scratch the surface of the bare patches and perhaps add a thin layer of sifted soil. Then softly firm the soil with a piece of wood. A light watering and sprinkle the grass seed, covering with some sheets of clear polythene until the seed begins to germinate.

17 Aug, 2017


You really don't need to reseed this at all. The surrounding grass will eventually root in and close the void as fast as new seeds can grow. Remember that idiom from 8th grade Biology? 'Nature abhors a vacuum.' It's true.

17 Aug, 2017


Thanks Jimmytheone. That's great advice.

Bathgate I will reseed otherwise the weeds will make it their home! I have a record number had dead paches of lawn this year, not sure why? Will give it some tlc this autumn or fall as you call it.

17 Aug, 2017


good luck

17 Aug, 2017


As an after though Amsterdam, don't forget to cut the new growth with shears for a month or so rather than run the mower over it as you will tear the new grass out.

17 Aug, 2017


Thank Jimmytheone. Will remember.

17 Aug, 2017

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