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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Can anyone advise me how to grow on Sweet Peas? Mine are over an inch high, having germinated in a bright but cool position indoors. I want to give them maximum light. Would they be ok in a cold greenhouse with their pots in bubble wrap please? It doesn't say on the packet...



yes they can go into the greenhouse. I don't think you need to wrap the pots unless the temperature difference is very wide. you could insulate the pots for the first couple of days and then reduce the amount of insulation.

2 Feb, 2018


Thanks very much SBG....I didn't want them to get leggy, keeping them indoors.

2 Feb, 2018


when a couple of inches tall nip out the top leaves. they will produce side shoots and be bushier plants.

2 Feb, 2018


I will....these were seeds given by a friend instead of Xmas cards...everyone received a packet of seeds...isn't that a great idea!

2 Feb, 2018


my eldest brother and I do that too. One year we gave each other the same seeds. Calendula for a splash of orange colour.
it is a lovely surprise each ear. this year I got larkspur and he got godetia.

3 Feb, 2018


Great minds SBG! Love all those you exchange, they're my 'regulars' too...and the larkspurs go on year after year, very underrated I think...the blue is such a pure blue too..

3 Feb, 2018


one of my favourites is Nigella. I sowed a pack 20 yrs ago and have never sown any since but every year I have them. One of my all time favourite flowers.

4 Feb, 2018


They are beautiful aren't they SBG? I can't grow them here, even though I've tried.. My daughter is like you, they pop up year after year after one sowing years ago. Just lovely..

6 Feb, 2018

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