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Have planted a Bramley Apple, Kidds Orange Eating Apple, Malus Royalty Crab Apple, Victoria Plum and Packham Triumph Pear. Is this the right combination for pollination?



Sounds like you have a good combination for a high yielding harvest. The key is to have 2 or more varieties in close proximity which blossom simultaneously. This would facilitate cross-pollination. Next is proper pruning & cultivation to maximize production. Take a look at my 'Apple Blog'. 3 things should stand out: Mainstems are cut at knee height - fruit is within reach, no need to climb a ladder. 2) Tree canopy is open to the sun & wind. 3) Trees are loaded down with fruit.

Apple Blog

2 Feb, 2018


Just remember that apples, plums and pears won't pollinate each other. You might need to add another variety of pear and another variety of plum, unless your neighbor has some.

3 Feb, 2018


the Victoria plum is self fertile so you wont need another plum. But the Packham pear will need another variety to pollinate it. There are a range of suitable pears. google packham pear and plants to pollinate and several sites come up offering suggestions.

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3 Feb, 2018


Kidds Orange is fine for Bramleys. Sorry don't know about the others.

3 Feb, 2018

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