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By Rhysw

wellington, New Zealand Nz

Any ideas identifying this Cypress ?

Well, I assume it is a Cypress. The cones have quite a distinctive shape and the leaves are needle like.


5a 5b Arizona_cypress_22_827



Maybe Chinese Weeping Cypress (Cupressus funebris)?

21 Feb, 2018


That's interesting. I've not seen one before but I thought the sprays for C Funebris might be flatter, like c. torulosa and c cashmeriana

21 Feb, 2018


Hmm...I think that you're right, Rhys. Some of the pictures that I saw had flat sprays, and some didn't. I tried Mexican Cypress (C. lusitanica), and while the sprays match, the cones don't, really. The cones best match some forms of Arizona Cypress (C. arizonica) and Monterey Cypress (C. macrocarpa). Monterey Cypress has flat sprays in young trees, but loses that as it ages. Neither species has the same overall appearance...Hmm....

21 Feb, 2018


Thanks for that, sounds like it is a tricky one. New Zealand is infested with macrocarpa and they look very different so I'm pretty sure it isn't that. Perhaps Arizona. I have replaced photo 3 with a photo from the web that has a similar aspect. Next time I am in that town I'll take a closer look.

thanks for your help !

21 Feb, 2018

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