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I have a small Azalea, or Rhododendron whatever they are called nowadays, which is bi-coloured, dark pink and white on the same plant. Now that it has finished flowering, the seed heads have changed into Esther strange toadstool like furry growths. Is this called fascination or something else? The leaf is growing out of the growth in the second picture.



That is a gall, the house of some insect larva. The growth is attached to the leaf and would have been created by the bug drawing sap from the plant.

8 Jun, 2018


Thanks Bulba, it is totally infested then on every flower head.

8 Jun, 2018


See this web page for further information.

8 Jun, 2018
Sorry, I don't know what happened with the previous response.

8 Jun, 2018


That's very interesting. So it's fungal? Great to know how to deal with it thanks.

8 Jun, 2018

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