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By Phloxie

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I forgot to ask when I posted my question about Nerine bulbs recently. How many Nerine bulbs would it be advisable to plant in a 10 inch terracotta pot. Thanks :)



I would think half a dozen. I have 13 in a 13 inch plastic pot. If they are happy they will spread - these 13 began from 6 about 14 years ago but can't recall what size pot they had then..They can be left undisturbed for years and just potted on when they need the space.

19 Feb, 2019


Thanks for that steragram info very much appreciated. :o)

19 Feb, 2019


Come to think of it I do give them a liquid feed when the leaves are there.

20 Feb, 2019


Thanks steragram.

21 Feb, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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