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Why are some of the leaves on my daphne going yellow when some are green and healthy looking? It has lots of flowers.



If it is an evergreen one and it is only a few leaves then that is normal. Give it a good feed either with a liquid feed or a granular feed.
if its quite a few give it a 'feed' of Epson salts a [teaspoon in a gallon]. They may still drop off but it will help the rest of the plant.

18 Feb, 2019


Is the soil it's in free draining? Waterlogging could be a problem

19 Feb, 2019


Thanks to both of you. I will give it a liquid feed. It is in a clay soil so it could, at times, be too wet for it.
It is a few years old now so there can't be too much wrong. I hope!

19 Feb, 2019


Calcium can help open up clay soil. I would use ground limestone if the soil is very acid, or gypsum on neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

20 Feb, 2019


Thanks, the soil is neutral so gypsum it is. It was kind of you to add this.

20 Feb, 2019


I grew up on alkaline clay soil, so I learned a dozen ways to deal with it. Good luck with your Daphne! :)

25 Feb, 2019

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