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Gardens to visit section.
When I go there it says click on map, but there is no map. What am I missing?

Using Firefox or Brave browsers, does it only work with IE?



I think you should send a query to Admin.

4 Mar, 2019


Thanks, I'll try that, bit of a newbie still feeling my way around

5 Mar, 2019


Hope you can solve the problem Grandad gar! Sorry I can't really help but don't give up because this is a lovely friendly and very helpful site. Meanwhile, if you haven't got it already, go to your local garden centre or library and ask for the National Gardens Scheme's Yellow Book which will tell you lots of gardens, large and small, opening in your county.

5 Mar, 2019


Hello Grandad, if you mean to get reviews on various gardens that members have visited over the years...Write Open Gardens to Visit in your Goy searchbar..It will take you to a page with the headline : Open Gardens, Find photo's and reviews of gardens to visit....Hope this is of help to you...

5 Mar, 2019


Thanks Linclass, tried that but just a blank space where I assume a map should be

I've written to "contact us" but zero response so far

6 Mar, 2019


Try this site, which may not have many listed yet as it is early in the year, but they do get added. They are gardens where the village opens their garden up, which can be much nicer than just touring one 'posher' garden and the owners are often about to talk to - most gardeners love talking about their gardens. Find your county on the left and you can then search.

National Gardens scheme of course

Also the Red Cross

Or you can just type in open gardens 2019 in your browser and see what comes up.
Best of luck.

6 Mar, 2019


Thanks all, I think I've solved the problem, it's the browsers I use with all the pop up & add blocks I think

I've found a browser that works so I'll use that

I was checking to see if any recent comments or pictures had been added for Wisley as I didn't want duplicate any recent comments by adding more

Seems I'll be the first since Feverfew in 2018 onmce I've sorted through my photos

6 Mar, 2019


That's good Grandad, don't worry about adding similar photo's or blogs as someone else, we all like to see them and read peoples blogs, don't mind if we've seen the places before, its always good to see such places through someone else's eyes.....

6 Mar, 2019


Well said Lincs......

23 Jul, 2019

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