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By Howee74

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Hi everyone, i bought a Sarracenia (not sure on the variety) as a house plant about a year ago, but i'd really like to see it in the garden. I read somewhere that they are ok to go in ponds- has anyone done this successfully? Any tips?

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sarrancenias need water.I had a small collection a few years ago,mine were stood in Rain Water permantly.
So depending on where you live they should survive in a pond.

18 Aug, 2008


I live in Newcastle. Do they need a particular kind of water?

18 Aug, 2008


Rain water is best for them. If you live in an area of hard tap water, don't use it or you will kill the sarracenias

18 Aug, 2008


I posted some pics of my Sarracenia's yesterday. They live in a container that has no drainage at all. It acts as a mini bog garden.

18 Aug, 2008

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