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By Sunbeam

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Please can someone tell me what’s up with my ivy leaves they are looking awful and I don’t know what’s doing it. What might cure it ?
Thank you




I would say this is just scorching. Either frost or early morning dew sits on the leaves and is burnt off by the sun.

23 Mar, 2019


in addition to scorch I would also suggest possibly a leaf miner. in the areas that look lacy is there a small caterpillar munching away?

have you painted/sprayed a fence nearby and splashed the foliage? that could also be a cause.

23 Mar, 2019


Slug/snail damage is a possibility too, but if its planted in the ground and is relatively large (not a young plant) once it starts growing again it'll be fine, ivy's a tough old plant.

23 Mar, 2019


Thanks a lot everyone. Very pleased it’s not serious and should recover

23 Mar, 2019

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