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Have planted up some dahlia tubers that came loose from mother plant. Will they produce shoots and develop into another plant? Thanks.



if it just loose bits of tubers with out any of the original main section then very unlikely. they will need to have a dormant bud for any top growth. so depends on what you had. but as you have already planted them we will wait and see. fingers crossed.

6 Apr, 2019


Thanks Steragram. Am going away for 10 days and it will be exciting to find if they have grown any shoots on my return!

7 Apr, 2019


Hi, as Sbg says, Dahlia's are a bit unusual, as the 'eyes' or buds, are not on the tuber itself, but at the base of the old stem, so as said you will need a small piece of old stem with a small 'eye', Derek.

7 Apr, 2019

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