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Good morning all. Now I’m recovering from a minor operation, I can sit down and catch up with the non- physical gardening to do list. My question is now my various pots with bulbs have finished flowering, can I take the bulbs out and use pots for summer bedding? As there is still greenery attached, can I take them out of their pots & let them dry out in the sun? Also what is the best way to store bulbs for use the following year? Thank you.



If you intend to keep the bulbs for next year then you will need to feed them to build up the bulbs' energy. Having said, if you have some in small pots then you can remove them with the soil intact you can plant the whole thing (soil included) in a free part of the garden and again feed until they die down. Then you can dry them out and store in a paper bag in a dry environment until next year.

20 May, 2019


Thanks Jimmytheone. With what can I feed the bulbs, general fertilizer or something more specific?

20 May, 2019


I would probably use something like tomato fertiliser (potassium) and not something that will encourage new growth. Don't forget to take the dead heads off.

20 May, 2019


a half strength tomato feed is usually ok. if you want the ornamental pots then put the bulbs with as little disturbance to the roots into any spare [plastic] pots until they have died down unless you are happy to pop them in the garden.

20 May, 2019


Thank you for your replies.

20 May, 2019

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