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Does anyone know what this is? It's like an overlarge wasp and was in my greenhouse when I was putting shading up.




A Queen maybe? They'll be sorting the nest out at the moment, maybe looking around or ex hibernation

16 Jun, 2019


I found something like this in my garage a couple of weeks ago. Could be a hornet. There is a European Hornet and an Asian Hornet which is a non-indigenous species and reportable. Have a look on-line.

16 Jun, 2019


Pretty sure it's a European hornet

16 Jun, 2019


not an Asian hornet. they don't have yellow bands on their abdomen and their legs are yellow up to their 'knees'. it looks like they are wearing football socks.
at an inch long it may just be a queen wasp as hornets are usually bigger.

16 Jun, 2019


I also think it looks like a European hornet.

17 Jun, 2019


Thanks all. I've had a look on line and I think European hornet too. After reading about it's stinger I wouldn't want too many of them about.

17 Jun, 2019

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