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Likes are unusual shrubs, bamboos, Australasian stuff, proteas (when they survive), unusual and beautiful conifers and interesting spiky things.
The back garden is about 100ft long and 25ft wide. The front garden - which isn't yet in the pics - is about 25ft square. They just evolved over nine years of going to nurseries and gardens around the UK (which tends to be the theme for our UK holidays) and seeing exciting plants - so our gardens just fill up and up. They are low maintenance and mostly evergreen, so there is colour all year. Unfortunately they don't have elastic sides - but this won't stop us going to more nurseries....
All the lawn was dug up after moving in (both front and back gardens) for more planting space. The deck has also had beds cut into it to get yet more space. There are so many wonderful plants offered for sale......

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