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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi folks, first of all let me just say I love all wildlife, but we have a major problem. We love to feed the birds, and we get a great many varieties in the garden finches, tits etc. Inevitably it also attracts the pigeons, but the pigeons a decimating my pinks. What can I do to deter them if anything.



put canes/twiggy sticks in to deter them from landing on them. can you move the feeders further away from the plants?

9 Jul, 2019


My mum would use twiggy sticks as above and then criss cross the area with black cotton thread.

9 Jul, 2019


Owls - pigeons' arch enemy. I can tell you what they do in New York City to stop pigeons from nesting in church steeples, on balconies, wherever. Not actual living owls though that would work too. I think they are called 'decoys'. Lifelike statues of owls placed here or there that are enough to make pigeons flee for their lives and never look back. They work. It does exactly what a scarecrow does for crows. Go to 'Google' and type in 'Owl Decoys'. I swear some of them look real, some have a motorized head that turns, eyes that wink (solar powered, not batteries). Put one near your pinks. They also make a nice garden ornament. Owls!

9 Jul, 2019


Love your idea Paul ... now thinking of getting a decoy owl for our garden!

10 Jul, 2019


Thanks guys/girls, much appreciated. I think I will give the owl idea a go.

11 Jul, 2019


But it will probably frighten the smaller birds too!

11 Jul, 2019

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