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I Planted some Spuds Late April,The Plant is just beginning to flower,how do I know when to dig them up?



You would probably get some spuds now - depends how big you want them! If they are earthed up you can scrape back a little soil to expose one so you can judge whether you think its ready. You can reckon 12 weeks from planting as a rough guide for earlies so its well worth checking.

3 Aug, 2019


Usually after flowering when the above-ground growth dies back. If the soil's loose enough to have a feel around that'll help you get an idea of what's happening but make sure they're well covered afterwards or they'll turn green

3 Aug, 2019


The flowers signal that the spuds are almost ready. When they fade completely, then go to it.

3 Aug, 2019


Thanks guys, I learned something from those replies too.

3 Aug, 2019

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