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Right plant, right place. I was gifted this (then) pink hydrangea back in May. I’m not sure why flowers went green? Anyhow I now want to plant it in the garden. So I dug up an area but am now not sure if this is the right place? It gets full sun in afternoon and when reading up where they do best in the garden it says part sun, part shade? I’m worried it will cook in that spot on a hot day. I’m struggling to find another spot in the garden and may have to wait until autumn. Will it survive that long in the pot? Where have you got your hydrangeas in your garden? Also any planting tips?

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that looks an ideal space for it as it only gets some sun. so part shade fits the bill. better in the ground than in a pot.
it should colour up nicely once in the ground. pink flowers are usually borne in alkaline soils so avoid ericaceous compost. these may be old flowers that have lost their colour.

3 Aug, 2019


Thank you Seaburngirl. That spot is very sunny although photo was taken when the sun went behind a cloud!

3 Aug, 2019


I wouldn't worry too much. I have three large flourishing hydrangeas in a south facing spot that gets full sun a lot of the day and they are fine. Just keep it well watered this year until its settled in. It should fill that spot completely withing about five or six years. But as Sbg says if your soil is at all acid it could well turn blue in time.

3 Aug, 2019

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