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ID pleasePlease could someone please tell me what this plant is?


By Sunbeam

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

ID please

Please could someone please tell me what this plant is?
The one with lots of little yellow flowers?




Lysimachia punctata by the looks of it, common name yellow loosestrife. Seems a bit late though, ours finished flowering 3 or 4 weeks ago - might just be geographical weather differences though, I'm in the south east and you're in west midlands...

5 Aug, 2019


I think it's also called Bee Balm. It's a spreader.

5 Aug, 2019


Bee balm usually refers to Monarda,also known as bergamot

5 Aug, 2019


Mine has just finished,here in Yorkshire..I also know it as Lysimachia,or Yellow Loosestrife. A good one for gap filling :o)

5 Aug, 2019


Mine are still flowering. As said it is a good gap filler but mine tends to send out runners in every direction in my garden. I just weed them out.

6 Aug, 2019

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