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Am I only dreaming? Are these little day lily plants sprouting on top of the flower stalks? Evidenced by a previous post, I've been carefully saving the seed pods so I can sprout the seeds indoors over the winter. Did this plant jump the gun?Are these already sprouted plants I can grow on or am I only dreaming?

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Not dreaming, Bathgate! They do that every once in a while. You can grow new plants from them, if you want to, though you might want to keep them somplace sheltered, such as a cold frame, through the first winter.

3 Sep, 2019


Oops, I forgot to say: they're not sprouted seeds, but a special kind of offset, so they are genetically identical to the plant they came from.

3 Sep, 2019


Thanks Tug. I do want more of this one for my brother who just bought a new house in Rockville Centre, Long Island. It's been blooming non-stop since June so it's a winner.

3 Sep, 2019


That's interesting, just like the "pipings" on carnations or dianthus which I grow new plants from. I've not seen it on day lilies before.

3 Sep, 2019


It is called a proliferation and is genetically the same as the parent. Cut it off below the joint so it can help stabilize it when you put it in some dirt. Daylilies will bloom within 7-8 months from seed. I have one that I started from seed this year and it should be opening any day. Proliferations are a normal thing that happen frequently.

3 Sep, 2019


Thank you. Extremely helpful advice!

3 Sep, 2019

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