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Re my question about Eupatorium Maculatum, as identified by Jimmytheone, I visited a garden on Sunday where I came across this very plant and saw what Owdboggy meant by 'a big clump'!!! I have no choice but to rule it OUT!



Hi, was it a large garden you visited ?, lots of gardens plant 3,5,7 or more plants of 1 species, for greater effect, so it's possible that what you saw wasn't just 1 plant that had grown to the clump you saw, Derek.

9 Sep, 2019


As I said, we only planted one of them and the clump after a few years was a good metre across.

10 Sep, 2019


Well, it was a large garden and there were quite a few clumps about in the flower beds. I couldn't tell whether they were originally single plants or not but they were certain;y huge! I rather like them but maybe they are just too big for my border.

10 Sep, 2019


If you like them then I think you should have one, like any perennial, they will get too big for a border, but by dividing them from time to time you can always keep them in check.

10 Sep, 2019


You are probably right Julien. I might change my mind and succumb!

10 Sep, 2019


Don't need to buy one. Take a walk along the Wirral Country Way between Parkgate and Gayton. There are dozens of them in the hedgerow.

11 Sep, 2019


Oh dear! Invasive then? How does it spread its seeds?
I took an afternoon's cruise on the River Medway last week and was staggered by the amount of Himalayan Balsam all along the banks. It's very beautiful but spreads by explosive seed pods and is killing off our native flora.

11 Sep, 2019


Seeds are a bit like Dandelion seeds.

12 Sep, 2019


Hi, you can get more compact varieties there are a few, although I haven't grown them I have Agaratina Chocolate which is lovely for foliage and a good grower for me, I've divided it and moved it very successfully but it doesn't have the pink flowers it has small white ones quite late in the season, but I do like the one you like I bought one earlier this year but it didn't grow unfortunately and I had my money back

11 Oct, 2019


Thanks, Daylily, I'll certainly have a look at Agaratina!

12 Oct, 2019


No probs pennyfarthing, there are a couple of photos of mine on my page 7 :-)

13 Oct, 2019

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