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Vine weevils for Pennyfarthing.

the pupa have legs and I have never noticed a cocoon around them [that doesn't mean they don't have one]




I've never seen a cocoon either, just the ones with developing legs :(

14 Jan, 2020


Ugh...I've never seen these with the legs on. I've only ever seen the grubs like the bottom one with the brown heads. Still...suppose they are cordon bleu for birds! ;0)

14 Jan, 2020


Many thanks SBG. I have seen those but didn't realise they were vine weevil pupae.

15 Jan, 2020


I've never seen them with legs either and I must say that I don't want to either. I'm wondering whether they can walk away if we leave them on the bird table which is where I put the grubs.
We often find the adults in the house.

18 Jan, 2020


They cant walk as a pupa so pop them on the bird table.
I only found them in the house that one time when they were hatching out of a lovely cyclamen corm.

18 Jan, 2020

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