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I bought dahlia tubers from Dobbie's only to find this yes I could not take new seeds as there were none



Hi, welcome to GoY, is there meant to be a photograph attached to this ?, the question is very vague otherwise, and what have seeds to do with tubers, Derek.

13 Feb, 2020


welcome to GoY from me too. Your question isn't clear so I think you have bought tubers and are not sure what to do. If I am wrong sorry.

If you bought tubers they need planting in decent compost and they will grow into full sized flowering plants. If you want to propagate them, then when new shoots are about 2" long you can cut them off and pop them into fresh compost where they should root.
You will only get seed from the flower heads next autumn. though they don't always produce seed.

13 Feb, 2020


I think Bowrow was responding to an offer of free seeds with an order for tubers? Nothing to be done about that.

14 Feb, 2020


Well, that happens. We don't live in a perfect world. Here in my world, if the store is out of stock, the clerk will give you a raincheck so you'll get the giveaway when stock is in - or they may offer an alternative. Hold onto your receipt. I hope this addresses your question

14 Feb, 2020

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