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Not sure what to do with this plant? As you can see it is very top heavy and just keeps on growing! Probably need to find a deep and bigger pot but like to keep it under cover over winter months so need to be able to move it. Any suggestions? Thanks. P.s keep safe as storm Dennis makes an appearance.




Is it an aeonium Amsterdam? It does look pretty precarious in that long tom pot. I would warn against using a pot that curves in towards the top as it will be impossible to get it out if the roots fill it up. I would probably put it in a bigger pot then place that inside a more decorative pot. You can buy plant pot stands, wooden or chromed, which have castors on to make moving pots a doddle. The pot stays on the stand permanently.

15 Feb, 2020


Agree a wider pot is needed. Have you anywhere suitable for keeping the pot on the ground where the top would still be in a good light?? Once on castors it can readily be moved when necessary.

15 Feb, 2020


Yes it is. I was given it and as it’s so tall, struggled to find a pot deep enough to plant it in. Might have to get a pot for it and plant other succulents underneath it? Could I take a cutting and if so how do I do it?

15 Feb, 2020

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