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Hi All
My front of house privet ha died in patches and is looking tired every where else it's been there for about 60yrs I have decided to replace with fencing so how bigger job will it be removing about 15ft of privit as I have never done this job before.



When I did something similar I cut the top down to the ground first, and then dug up the roots. It wasn't a difficult job but I suppose if you have clay soil it may be more difficult to dig than loam. I put all the branches and roots into bags and took it up to the tip for disposal and if I remember correctly it took a few trips. I also did it a bit at a time so although it wasn't difficult it did take a while to do but I got there in the end :)

29 Feb, 2020


Hi, if you have heavy clay soil, then cut the plants down to about 3ft, then dig a trench either side of the hedge, keep filling it with water, {a hosepipe is the easiest way}keep topping it up until the soil has turned to a soft mud, dig down to the roots and start ''rocking the shrubs' until you can get them out easier, you can use a fork to let the water get lower down in the soil, Derek.

29 Feb, 2020


It’s a tough job, however having the right tools makes a difference, I have done a few of these of late and this is how I tackle them, cut down to about 3ft from ground, leave a thicker stem higher for leverage, start at one end and work along, once you have the first one out, it becomes easier, tools needed are a decent spade, iron bar for leavering and a grubber or mattock, this tool is by far the best as it will get right under the root ball chopping the roots as you go, it should take you about an hour to do a fifteen ft section with these tools, a word of caution be aware of any water pipes and other cables going into your property.

1 Mar, 2020


Steve, if you are doing something like this and have never done it before, like Hywel, take your time and take it easy or else you will soon tear and strain ligaments and muscles that you never knew you had. My favorite tools for this job is a short and a long handled pick mattock. As a matter of fact, I use a short handled one for almost all of my gardening.

1 Mar, 2020


Agree with taking your time. I cut them down enough to leave leverage and dug until I was tired, doing just few at a time. If you need cheering up be thankful the roots left in don't regenerate...

1 Mar, 2020

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