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How to make your own seedling compost. As I can't go to the shop and get some I have to make my own with what I have got around. I have some multipurpose, some vermiculite, and some horticultral grit. Could you tell me the proportions to make up some seed compost? Many thanks.



how long have you had the multi purpose compost, and has it been stored somewhere dry with the top rolled down? if its got wet and its more than six weeks old, you can just use that...unless its a 'posh' one with slow release feed or something...

27 Mar, 2020


Multi purpose is only 2 weeks old, worried it might be too rich for seedlings? It has got 6 months slow release fertiliser. They are intended for dummer bedding really. Oh have just found John Innes no 2 & no 3 in shed as well..... that is very old stuff from last year! Would that be any good?

27 Mar, 2020


If its not got damp, probably not - John Innes No 1 is for seed and cutting, but as its old, you could chance mixing JI No. 2 with vermiculite and grit and some sand if you've got it, just to limit the amount of available fertilizer. The multipurpose with 6 months slow release is probably not going to be great for seeds...

27 Mar, 2020


Ok will do that then. Thank you for that.

27 Mar, 2020

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