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Hebe i.d please. Does this Hebe flower and can I prune them into round balls like box? If so when is best time to prune? Thank you.

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This could be Hebe Margaret,a dwarf, compact shrub...we have it maintains it's small size and has very pretty blue flowers. On the otherhand it could be one of the larger varieties. I do very little shaping on these...
Hope this helps.

14 May, 2020


I was given these as a freebie so know nothing about them...

14 May, 2020


it will flower and it is a small leafed form so shouldn't get overly big.
yes you can prune it lightly to keep it in the shape not sure about how fancy a shape though.

14 May, 2020


Thanks Meadowland and Seaburngirl. I would like to shape them into a ball eventually.

14 May, 2020

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