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Horsetail is back.
2 sprigs in the patio flags as before but also now one sprig in the border by the garden fence. Our next door nbrs are just not interested in weeding or gardening & they are minimalistic & negligent in the extreme. They have a raised decking 2 ft higher than before that is massive a third down their garden. So any horsetail their side may remain hidden.
Plastic bottles may be hard to keep fixed down on a flag. Ashby our dog likes eating garden soil so weed killer use will be small.
Round up or Barclay Gallup?
Also will bruising spread spores?
Our local garden centre will still be busy but I guess I have to bite the bullet



if you remove the fruiting body before they release the spores you can then bruise the stems. it looks like a beige spike with a swollen end. you could also go down the route of using a pipette or syringe [minus the needle] to add weed killer to the hollow stems after you have taken off the top growth. Obviously this will depend on how much you have to deal with. Use a systemic weed killer.

20 May, 2020


The sprigs are small 6 inches high ....One in border is a 1ft. Hollow. OK

20 May, 2020


Kurtail Evo - Mares Tail Weed Killer seems to be the best remedy for your problem. I've seen it growing through tarmac. Have a look on the net for info. The only drawback is that it is very expensive but worthwhile if it sorts out the problem.

20 May, 2020


Mares tail and bind weed are the 2 main reasons I gave my allotment up I tried everything but with no success

22 May, 2020

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