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One of the new paeonies that I bought last year has just got its first lovely flower.
On closer inspection I found 3 little dried up buds on the same plant each about the size of a currant.
Why might this have happened?



Sorry, don’t know the answer to this but will be interested if anyone does . I have had a peony for a number of years and it usually produces 5 or 6 beautiful red blooms, but like yours, this year it only has two flowers and a number of tiny buds also 😕

21 May, 2020


This is very common the plant aborts spare buds when the primary bud is able to be sustained and developed. Also the plant may have been short of water so again it will sacrifice the smaller buds.

21 May, 2020


That explains it Sbg, thank you for letting me know.

22 May, 2020

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