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My naughty puppy has a penchant for eating anything she finds in the garden, including pebbles! I have cleared things that I know are poisonous but yesterday she chomped her way through my potted Christmas cactus which had blown onto the ground. I'm pretty sure it won't hurt her but would like to be sure. Any ideas anyone please?



Hi Cammomile, your puppy should be ok after ingesting a Christmas cactus as they aren't toxic to dogs. She could get a bit of indigestion but otherwise alright!

8 Jun, 2020


I agree, but consider it a 'wake up call'. My cat used to sample this and that in the garden until one day he chomped on some English Yew. He was gone that night.

Here is list of poisons plants to dogs published by The Kennel Club. Hope this is helpful.

House and garden plants poisonous to dogs

9 Jun, 2020


Thank you both. I also know rhododendron and azaleas are poisonous but she eats the flowers and has a go at the leaves and seems perfectly ok with those. We know if all goes quiet in the garden, she's up to something!

9 Jun, 2020


The swallowing of pebbles is very alarming & needs to be stopped. It could develop into a habit & result in her having major surgery to remove said stones. Some dogs do do this & swallow big pebbles when on a beach. She is only a puppy though & will hopefully grow out of all this sampling of new things. She is learning what is good to eat & what is not.

10 Jun, 2020


Paul sending sympathy re your cat. Was this the cat you acquired what seems like recently but is probably longer...

10 Jun, 2020


Thanks Sue, the cat I have now, that I adopted from the shelter is a replacement for the one that died from eating the poisonous English Yew. It's impossible to watch them 24/7 & they love to explore their surroundings.

10 Jun, 2020

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