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A friend has given me four plants, but she doesn’t know what they are......
The two in the first picture look the same to me. The first one in the second picture looks like a petunia, I think.
Thanks for any help.

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The two in the top picture are probably Verbena bonariensis, though they could also be another Verbena such as V. rigida. I think you're right about the petunia, not sure what the other one is.

30 Jun, 2020


I agree about those 3. number 4 Echinacea or perhaps a Rudbeckia

1 Jul, 2020


Many thanks!

1 Jul, 2020


I think the first ones, like Bamboo, are Verbena rigida. I have this and it seeds all over so could be the reason she has some to give away. I'm not knocking it for seeding everywhere, it's easy to replant or pull out, takes up little space and flowers above most other perennials.

1 Jul, 2020


Yes I agree the orange pot in pic 2 is Echinacea. I'm growing it from seed and it looks exactly like this. Those are fantastic plants. Hope you keep them going and see them bloom.

1 Jul, 2020


Thanks Everyone!

2 Jul, 2020

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