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I have just been to my favourite garden centre for first time since lockdown and got a bit carried away and bought a rosa perennial blush - bush rose. As I’m a novice when it comes to roses could anyone give me some planting tips-and if anyone grows one in their garden give me some pointers? Thank you.



Hmm...Amsterdam, the only 'Perennial Blush' rose that I can find is a climber, so the first requirement is something for it to climb on. Otherwise, roses like a moist, well drained, rich soil, with a pH of 6 to 7.5. They need at least 6 hours of sun a day, and full sun is best. They are heavy feeders, with phosphates a little on the high side.
As a repeat flowering climber, it will need a moderately heavy pruning in early spring--a couple of weeks before the average last frost date. Too severe a pruning will reduce bloom in spring. Little or no pruning will result in smaller flowers, and more trouble with pests and diseases.
As for pests and diseases, roses have a reputation that way, but as long as they are healthy, they can fight most of them off. Keeping up the soil flora and general garden ecology will also reduce or prevent most problems.

12 Jul, 2020


Yes I did want a climber so now have to find a sunny spot in garden. But with many mature trees It’s going to be a challenge. I might grow it against my summerhouse.... need to check how many hours of sun it gets. Thanks for advice.

12 Jul, 2020

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