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west sussex, United Kingdom

Is this a Spathiphyllum or Peace lily, do yellow leaves mean over or under watering? It's my daughters and she lives in Australia. I had one but I thought the leaves were more pointed. Thanks



looks like it to me Cammomile.

they make nice house plants. but if you have cats they can cause mouth irritation if they chew the leaves as my daughter found out.

12 Jul, 2020


Thanks Sbg. No they live in an apartment, no pets allowed and I don't think they like plants either. Its winter over there so maybe she's been a bit generous with watering.

12 Jul, 2020


it might also want a light feeding. Mine tends to yellow in the winter and a weak tomato feed perks it up. mind you I need to repot it soon as its been in the same pot for 3 yrs now.

12 Jul, 2020


It might need feeding, but if it's only one or two yellow leaves, those may just be old leaves. Regular, moderate feeding is usually a good idea with container plants anyway, because the roots can't spread out looking for dead bugs, mouse bones, feathers, etc.

12 Jul, 2020


The yellow leaf seems to be at the bottom so maybe it's an old one. Mine go like that and I cut them off. The rest of the leaves look all right. If it had been over watered I think all the leaves would be affected.

13 Jul, 2020


Thanks everyone, I shall pass your answers on.

14 Jul, 2020

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