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Orchid re-flowering. Was given this as a gift when poorly with kidney stones 18 months ago. I think it was an M&S arrangement. My question is despite healthy growth and feeding it regularly it has failed to produce flower shoots. I’ve been trying now for 18 months and it has grown and seems happy but no flowers! My other orchids I have dore-flower and get the same treatment. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Try putting an ice cube or two on the medium, Amsterdam, and let them melt. The chill seems to stimulate bud formation. Also, make sure that it is getting as much light as the other orchids--it looks like it is straining toward the window.

4 Aug, 2020


Thanks Tugbrethill, will do. 👍🏻

4 Aug, 2020


My dentist has wonderful blooming orchids in her practice and tells me the secret of her success is to plunge them up to their leaves, in water, in a pot (she uses one of those white ones that you can get from supermarkets that supermarkets use) and she does it at least once a month during the growing season. It's worked for me and I've stopped feeding them so often too.

5 Aug, 2020


I soak my orchids once every two weeks in boiled cooled water with orchid feed, has worked for all my other orchids, this one is just stubborn! I have tried the ice cube method so we’ll have to wait and see....

5 Aug, 2020


Hopefully, you'll know within three weeks.

5 Aug, 2020

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