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where can one buy the curved pruning saw as show in the video.



Welcome to GoY, Whitehorse!
Can you tell us which video you mean? There are many brands and sizes of curved pruning saws, often available from retail nurseries, garden centers, and some of the more complete hardware stores.

11 Aug, 2020


welcome from me too.
where in the UK are you [roughly]

B&Q Screwfix, Toolstation often stock quality pruning saws. I have the wolf & garten one and it is very good. I got mine from a local garden centre. Many of the garden centre chains also sell them.

11 Aug, 2020


Whitehorse isn't new on Goy though - usually does blogs on funny faces on trees and stones..

My OH bought his curved saw on line and likes it. Search for Silky Saw.

11 Aug, 2020


There is a GoY member called THE White horse ... I think this questioner has picked an almost identical user name!

11 Aug, 2020


it says he joined today hence the welcome. if he isn't a new member he is still welcome :o)

11 Aug, 2020


Wow, what a coincidence! What's a "The" between friends...

12 Aug, 2020


Ha, ha Stera!

13 Aug, 2020


exactly, I only noticed the date as the mouse hovered over it. ;o)

13 Aug, 2020


Whitehorse, you can answer us gabby gardeners by writing in the "Add comment" box, just as if you were answering your own question. All of us will be notified, and we can give your question a more exact answer, though Seaburngirl's and Steragram's answers are very probably useful

13 Aug, 2020

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