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Size of climbing rose. I am wanting to get a climbing rose in the autumn to grows across the front of my house. My question is do I go for a 3-4.5 m, 4.5-6m or 6m plus? It will be planted on the right side and be growing across the wires from right to left. So from judging from the size of my house and the area I want it to cover I was advised to go for a ‘large’ climbing rose. Front of house is west facing and gets sun from 2 onwards. Any suggestions for climbing roses as I don’t have any experience with roses so any advice greatly appreciated.

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One question - is it going to be planted in the ground?

30 Aug, 2020


that was my thought Bamboo.

30 Aug, 2020


If in the ground Rambling Rector might fill the bill?

31 Aug, 2020


Yes planted in the ground. Will have to build an arch to get rose from border at bottom right hand side to the wires.

31 Aug, 2020


Any idea how large I should get climbing rose to cover the front of my house? A friend of mine thinks it should be around 6 metres or more....

7 Sep, 2020

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