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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a tomato plant 9 inches tall with 10 ripe ( almost) toms on it. Is it a record ?
I’d send a photo but can’t just now.



They must be the grape tomatoes. 10 tomatoes sounds about right. Enjoy them!

31 Aug, 2020


No its not a record, its a tomato plant....(sorry!)

31 Aug, 2020


Aw dammit, I thought it was quite an achievement. Thanks.

31 Aug, 2020


It is! You got 10 tomatoes. Fry them up with bacon & eggs, a dash of salt & pepper.

31 Aug, 2020


Tomato cucumber salad, bruschetta...I'm with you, Hank! I'd be feeling pretty chuffed--assuming I'm interpreting that term correctly! Even if it isn't a record.

1 Sep, 2020


Thanks B, and chuffed is appropriate Tug.

1 Sep, 2020


Good! I like to speak the language, but "in America we haven't spoken it for years." :)

2 Sep, 2020


I think I've set a record for wasting the most time and effort growing Sweet Millions tomatoes. There are millions of them and they're 5 feet tall but not sweet at all! If anyone can recommend sweet cherry tomatoes for next year I'd be delighted.

4 Sep, 2020


Cammomile I can! Try growing Sun Gold - the most popular cherry tomato in the world. Very productive plants and disease resistant - lots of large clusters hanging down. Very rich sweet slightly acidic flavor. Just delicious. I was sad when the cold weather took out my plants. I would harvest a basket of cherry tomatoes almost daily. I can't go back to eating grocery store tomatoes. lol

5 Sep, 2020


Sungold for me next year, my small ones were poor.

6 Sep, 2020


Thanks Bathgate and Hank. The plants were given to me by a neighbour so I feel a bit mean (he doesn't like tomatoes). They certainly are prolific but I'll have a go at Sungold next year. There's no point in me buying seeds as my garden is too small and there's only me and the other half.

13 Sep, 2020


Im going to miss picking my own fresh tomatoes daily

14 Sep, 2020

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